Hotels and Flight Package:

If you are looking to book a flight to the City of Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world, travel agencies will often remind you about booking a hotel room as well. These offers will usually come up once you have confirmed or when you ready to actually pay for the flight. These are known as “bundled packages” in the industry usually have the following benefits:

1.) Convenience-This simplifies your travel process as you typically have to deal with only one booking agency.

2.) Peace of Mind-This gives the traveler the comfort of knowing that all is taken care with one booking.

3.) Exclusive Perks-Sometimes these deals will throw in an extra bonus such as a free breakfast or food credit. Other additional benefits can include transfer vouchers to and from the hotel, or even exclusive discounts on local tours or even car rentals.

4.) More Loyalty Points (with that travel agency, platform or brand)-Sometimes booking for more dollar values will give me that much more points for instant or future use of travel that you may have.

5.) Cost Savings-A vacation package can also lead to saving on the overall trip. However, this does not mean it always does. That is why it is always good to compare prices.

While there are advantages for booking a travel package deal, the possible disadvantages to booking these deals include:

1.) Lack of Flexibility as you may be subjected to only the carriers or hotel properties that work with that agency.

2.) It maybe be a One-Size-Fits-All where you may not want all of the amenities but will still be subject to the prices depending on the package.

3.) Higher Rates and Fees-Does not allow you the ability to shop for cheaper rates.

4.) Lack-of-Flexibility-It could be more difficult or expensive if you wish to cancel one part of the package.

5.) Less Chance for an Upgrade-Many travel websites will have agreements with hotels to offer discounts for rooms. However, the rooms that are made available are not usually the most desirable on the property and there may be reluctance to offer a free upgrade as they would rather save that for guests that have premium or depending on availability.

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