How to get the Cheapest Hotels in Vegas:

The best way to get the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas is to:

1.) Travel in Off-Peak Times

2.) Look for Vegas Travel Packages

3.) Book in Advance

4.) Use Credit Card Points and Rewards

Traveling in off-peak times usually brings down the cost of hotel rooms tremendously. Most travel services including airlines, cruise ships and hotels consider off-peak travel to be when schools are open and high-peak travel when school is out as many families like to go together. However, Las Vegas does not necessarily have these traditions. Instead, the city plays host too many events that other destinations do not on a yearly basis. These include business conventions that come in at least once or twice a year on an annual basis, popular events such as Formula One and even the Rodeo events.

Other traditions include what is known as “house shows” which include shows such as O-Show at the Bellagio, magicians at the MGM Grand Hotel to world famous bands such as U-2 that will be playing at the Las Vegas Sphere on a regular basis for at least the next year. In short, to is relatively easy to find out what is going on in Las Vegas and avoid those peak times for the hotel deals.

Constantly be on the look out for travel packages which could include include food credit, casino game credit and an upgrade in room accommodations. Travel discount packages can come at anytime especially during months that attendance is low. Travel packages can come from a variety of sources including the hotels them selves, airline and actual travel agencies.

Booking in advance may actually help with airline rates, unless it is a major convention or you actually want to be close it a one, booking in advance may not necessarily save you that much money. As a matter of fact, a majority of hotels will actually bring the prices down as dates get closer while airline prices go up. Since many accommodations have fixed expenses such as house keeping services, check in clerks and other necessities to function properly, they would rather collect something on a room rather than keeping it empty. But also remember that hotels now a days also know when they have enough guests to cover their costs and may not care to keep rooms vacant at a certain point, thus even increasing the price of each night.

While Las Vegas is known for hotels that are not part of a chain which span throughout the country or would, it still has them such as the Hilton and Conrad brands which are actually on the Las Vegas Strip. Some credit cards do have deals with these chains and you may actually be able to use those points towards your stays, food or drinks. Please check your credit card terms and conditions for more information.

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