Is $1,000 Enough for One Week in Vegas?

Here are the biggest expenses that you will have when coming to Las Vegas:

1.) Hotel Stay

2.) Restaurants

3.) Entertainment

4.) Gambling

Hotel stays on the Las Vegas Strip can cost anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars per night depending the days that you go. However, hotels off the strip and in Downtown Las Vegas are great bargains compared to those on the strip.

If you are going with family or friends, splitting the cost each night will save everyone a lot of money. Of course, the drawback will be to have to share the same room that will often times have only one bathroom.

Restaurants in Las Vegas can be very from being inexpensive and easily run into hundreds of dollars per person on the high end. Some hotels on the Las Vegas Strip even have food courts with popular fast food restaurants that are typically recognizable throughout the country. If is a good way to go if you are on a budget.

Entertainment is what Las Vegas is mostly know about. It is not called The Adult Entertainment Capital of the world for nothing. Whether it is the glitz of the Vegas Sphere, the beautiful Bellagio Fountains, or the magnificent lighting on the Vegas Strip itself alone make this city an incredible attraction.

However, inside of those beautiful hotels awaits all sorts of attractions that are catered to impress just about everyone. From glamorized circus acts with special effects to magic shows, the creativity does not stop. Further, there are also the “house concerts” in which singers and bands have contracts to play at certain venues for at least a year and beyond.

If the shows were not entertainment enough, now there are the professional sports teams that haven come. These include the Raiders Football Franchise that play at Allegiant Stadium, to the Knights Hockey team and now it looks like the Oakland A’s are now on headed there.

Gambling in Las Vegas can vary from casino to casino and time of day. The older casinos tend to have lower minimums per bet than the newer, higher end ones. These minimums can vary from as low as $5 dollars a bet to as high as $100 and more. Depending on what you can afford to play, (and we definitely encourage you to play responsibly). However, gambling in Las Vegas has become a little less of the casinos’ income then in the past, but still remains the number one revenue generator for the both the city and the state.

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